Are you Nervous About Remodeling Your Philadelphia Bathroom?

Don’t be.  With the help of a professional bathroom designer and contractor the journey, while not always easy, will be at times joyful.  What brought question up is that my cousin called me today and said, “I have to remodel my Philadelphia bathroom and I AM SCARED.”  She felt as many do who have avoided doing remodeling work, that remodeling has a right and wrong way.  That the end product “should” look like….

The reasons for this feeling are as varied as people are.  In her case, she felt that because her color sense was not great, she would end up making a mess of the project.  Meade MB W1I told her that with the help of an expert, she would have a gorgeous bathroom and better yet, it would be hers.  So, what can you do to lessen those bathroom remodeling blues?  Here are three suggestions for my fellow Philadelphians.

3 Tips to Make Remodeling Your Philadelphia Bathroom Easier

  1. Hire a professional. I know I have said this before (and even said it two paragraphs earlier), but if you are uncomfortable with the remodeling process and your decision-making prowess, find a good professional.  By good I mean someone who has experience (at least 5 years of bathroom remodeling), listens to you (does not push their design sensibilities on you) and who has a showroom with quality products.  Do your research, talk to other clients, read reviews, and trust your instincts.  You are going to be working with these people for a while and giving them a lot of your hard-earned money so make sure you like them.
  2. Do not rush. There is no “expected” time frame to get a Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project done.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break.  Seek out friends’ and relatives’ opinions.  Do what you need to do to feel comfortable with your choices.  I like to “mull” over every major decision.  A good friend of mine calls it “churning.”  Whatever you call it, think things over until you feel good about the direction you are taking.
  3. Do some research. I am not saying learn the design business or even learn everything about tile, plumbing fixtures and cabinetry; you hire experts for those things.  However, you DO need to know your taste.  This means more than just a vague feeling that you want to make the bathrooms look larger.  Your designer can help you with that.  Find bathrooms that you like.  Look on or get a bunch of kitchen and bath magazines at Lowes.  My favorite is Signature Kitchens and Baths since Teknika has been featured in this publication a number of times.  After picking a bunch of pictures that you like, you will see a pattern, or your designer will.

Call Teknika for Help Remodeling Your Philadelphia Bathroom

At the very least stay calm and try to enjoy the process of remodeling your Philadelphia bathroom.   If you need some more ideas, please go to our website at By the way, my cousin’s bathroom is going to be gorgeous!

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