What is the Future of Kitchen Remodeling in Philadelphia?

Lately I have been thinking about what the future will look like for kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia.  Coming up with great ideas is easy, but getting them to the market place is rough.  However, I have come across some ideas that either look like they are ready to be introduced or are already here.  An article in this month’s issue of Elle Décor focused on some of these great ideas.   Here are a few that really resonated with me and that I want to share with all those Philadelphians who are looking to remodel their kitchen in the next decade…


My favorite one, which I have already posted about on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/teknikadesigngroup, is the idea of a robot that can take a recipe, make it and then clean up after itself.  The robot has to do a better than the job my 15-year-old son does, right?  Moley Robotics of London is working on this idea and they even have a few YouTube videos that you can watch.  In my opinion the robot is a little creepy, but if it cooks and cleans, who am I to care what it looks like? (more…)

What Will Your Philadelphia Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2016?

vanityI hate telling people what their Philadelphia bathroom remodel will cost…it is expensive.  Remodeling your bathroom costs more per square foot than remodeling your kitchen and we all know that kitchen remodeling is not cheap.  Giving the estimate used to be harder before I found Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value annual analysis http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2016/middle-atlantic/philadelphia-pa/.  This resource lets clients know how Teknika Design Group prices compare to the rest of Philadelphia bathroom remodelers.  These prices are for remodeling projects that use designers and contractors.  DIY (do it yourself) projects are excluded from this survey.   So let’s get into the details of the costs. (more…)

Philadelphia Kitchen Cabinet Prices are so Different…Why?

When shopping in Philadelphia for kitchen cabinets you will notice that the price range is huge and yet the cabinets look the same except for style, wood and color differences.  Designers might also throw out words like framed versus frameless, veneer, real wood, MDF, engineered wood, thermofoil, acrylic and more.  How confusing!  Let me see if I can explain some of the cost differences while defining some of this cabinet related terminology.faceframe

First let’s start with what Philadelphia kitchen cabinets are made of, and it is not wood.  The cabinet box is made up of some type of engineered wood. Engineered wood is used because it lacks the expansion and contraction of natural wood and can also be stronger and more stable.  Many types of engineered wood, such as plywood and medium density fiberwood (MDF), are used in cabinets.  Within each type are varying grades that depict strength and overall quality.  The quality of the engineered wood is one of the biggest differences in the price of the cabinet.  You can use plywood in a cabinet and yet the strength and longevity of the cabinet can be less than other engineered wood.  It is all about the quality, and unfortunately the consumer and even the designer is unable to see the quality.  Price is a hint, but just a slight hint.  The only given is that if the cabinet is really cheap, the material used to make the cabinet is really cheap and it may have a short life. (more…)

What Will Your Philadelphia Kitchen Remodel Cost?

money and houseEvery year I like to let Philadelphians know what their kitchen remodel will cost.  This cost is according to the latest report by Remodeling Magazine which surveys 100 markets in the US, including the Philadelphia metro area.  These costs are based on homeowners who work with remodeling specialists such as contractors and kitchen designers (like Teknika Design Group). (more…)

What is New in Kitchen Design in Philadelphia?

Kimbel W4Influences on kitchen design in Philadelphia come from a variety of forces including European countries, colorists, furniture design and technology.  I am going to try to pull it all together for you and talk about three items in detail: color, technology and style.


Color Trends

Color trends appear to be all over the place.  In the United States the colors of 2016 are pastels: pinks and blues.  These pastels are a little more sophisticated than the candy color pastels of old, but they are still shyer, less robust colors than the tangerines and emeralds of years past.  Coming out of Europe we see still more striking colors:  black and white, sometimes together and sometimes alone.  So how do you balance these very different trends?  I would use the pastels for accents only since pink cabinets are tough for most home buyers to get excited about.   Black and white would be easier to use as cabinet colors, the black being a little more risky than the always popular white. (more…)

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