Bathroom Remodeling – So what is the True Cost in Philadelphia?

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The answer to what is the true cost in Philadelphia of bathroom remodeling is… that depends.

I know you hate to hear that, as do all our clients when they ask that same question.  So we then quickly explain that what your Philadelphia bathroom remodel costs depends on three factors: 1. how large is your bathroom, 2. what you choose to put in your bathroom and 3. how much construction do you want to do?   For the first factor, how large is your bathroom, obviously if you need to redo your powder room versus your master bath that has a Jacuzzi tub and separate shower the costs are going to be different.  The second point relates to the differing levels of fixtures.  Here at Teknika we offer a bronze, silver, gold and platinum level of products and services.  There is a big difference between an American Standard and a Toto toilet.   Finally, if your remodeling plans involve just removing your old fixtures and replacing them, that is far less costly than moving fixtures or even expanding your bathroom.

Having explained that the next piece of information we give to potential clients is that there are two sources of data for a more general expectation of Philadelphia bathroom remodeling cost.  The first place is .  There you can put in your zip code and Houzz will give you five pieces of information including how much the lower third spent, middle third, average, top third and finally the top 5%.  These facts were gathered from homeowners in the zip you requested and “nearby areas”.  It was collected from homeowners and includes DIY’ers so if you are using a designer, architect or contractor your price will be on the higher end.  It is also not clear what size the bathroom is, what kind of fixtures where replaced and what amount of construction was required.

The second place to get information is from an annual report from Remodeling magazine called Cost vs. Value.  This report is compiled from professionals in the remodeling industry including contractors, designers and architects.  What I find particularly helpful for my clients is that the options do not just involve general bathroom remodeling but include bathroom remodeling costs midrange as well as upscale and what the assumptions are for each, including square footage.

So what can you expect the cost to be for bathroom remodeling in the Philadelphia region?  According to

  • Lower 1/3:       $3,000
  • Middle 1/3:     $10,000
  • Average:          $14,685
  • Top 1/3:           $30,000
  • Top 5%:            $88,000

According to The Cost vs. Value report 2013:

  • Midrange 35 square foot bathroom:   $18,501
  • Upscale 100 square foot bathroom:   $55,241

For more information on the assumptions of this study go to .

To see any ideas for bathroom remodeling go to Teknika’s bathroom portfolio at

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