Confession of a Kitchen and Bath Design Showroom Owner: I did not Complete my own Kitchen Remodeling Design

Meade kitchen August 8 2013

For a while I was embarrassed to admit that I did not do my own kitchen remodeling design.   You see I own a kitchen and bath design group and product showroom.   How could I not do my own kitchen remodeling design?  Well now I can tell you that I am proud I did not design my kitchen, and my kitchen is better for it.

Here are the facts.  I bought my firm Teknika Design Group, , a little over 5 years ago.  I have no background in kitchen remodeling design.  Since the purchase I have immersed myself in this industry.  I have taken NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association)  approved courses, read all the books, and journals regarding kitchen and bath design.  I also think I have the eye.  You know how some people are creative and some are not, well not to toot my own horn, but I am.  I remember back in elementary school taking a test to find out what you would be good at (career wise) and reading blueprints was one of my strengths as was design.  I can’t remember anything else about that test or its results.  Now I think I am pretty good at kitchen remodeling designs, but I did not do my own, why?

The more I have learned about this industry the more I have realized that the key to a GREAT kitchen remodeling design is years of experience.    I would no longer even think of having anyone with less than 5 years of experience with or without a kitchen design education design my kitchen, a friend’s kitchen or a client’s kitchen.  My designer, who has been designing kitchens for over 25 years, finalized my kitchen plans.  Even though I had spent literally years figuring out what I desired, once I thought I had gotten it to where I wanted it, she still found ways to tweak the design to make it better, both more efficient and less expensive.  I could have done a good kitchen design, but I wanted a GREAT kitchen. That is what experience gets you.

So next time you need your own kitchen remodeling design, please make sure to ask about experience.  If it is less than 5 years, find someone else.

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