How to Lower the Cost of Remodeling Your Philadelphia Bathroom

If anyone reading this has recently done bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia or knows someone who has, you probably received a huge shock at the cost.  For a moderate remodel in Philadelphia the cost is around $23,000 and a high end remodel can be well over $63,000.  Unbelievable, but true and the bathroom is not even that large.  We share some ways to save money, so keep reading.

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First the cost of a Philadelphia bathroom remodel is divided between the materials and the labor.  The split is usually 60/40, but in the city, with the higher cost of labor, the split can be closer to 50/50 so we need to look at saving money in both categories.

How much can you Save on your Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling Costs?

Material Savings:

1.       Do you really need to have a medicine cabinet?  If you can make do with just a mirror you can save up to $2000 between the cabinet and the labor to install the medicine cabinet.

2.      Tile is the biggest guzzler of your bathroom budget.  Tile can be relatively inexpensive, as low as $6 per square foot but the price can easily go as high as $100 per square foot.  For your average 5×7 square foot bathroom with 8-foot-high ceilings, those figures translate to a range of $834 to over $13,000 just for the floor and shower walls.   Limit the amount of tile you use.

3.      Use good quality plumbing fixtures.  This might seem counterintuitive, but spending money now will definitely save you money in the long run because you will need fewer repairs.  Plumbing fixtures get a lot of wear and tear, especially with the hard water in the Philadelphia area.

4.      Use a remnant for your countertop.  No matter what the material, if you have a smallish vanity, you should be able to find a remnant in quartz, marble or granite to fit your design.

Labor Savings:      

1.      Limit the number of plumbing fixtures you use.  The more knobs, sprays and options you have the more expensive it will be for the plumber to install.  Try to use just one vendor for all your plumbing fixtures since ordering and installing, for example all Kohler or Grohe, will be easier than using a mixture of vendors.  Remember simplicity is your plumber’s and your wallet’s friend.

2.      Paint the bathroom yourself.  The bathroom itself is a small space and should take relatively little time, but your painter will charge much more per square foot because the room is so small.


Call Teknika for Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If you would like more ideas on how to cut your Philadelphia bathroom remodeling budget, please give Teknika Design Group a call at 215-922-4414.  For bathroom design ideas see our website at

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