I need to know the newest trends in bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia (so I can have the hippest bathroom in town)

Why not make a space, the bathroom, where you spend a lot of time (about 1 ½ years of an average lifetime) fun or relaxing.  Most of us desperately need more fun or relaxing, or both in our lives.   So what are the newest trends in bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia so we will be oh so hip and au courant?


Top 5 Trends:


  1. Gold/brass/cooper hardware and plumbing fixtures.   This means anything other than silver colored.  Kohler has an amazing collection of colors from gold to matte black.  Oil rubbed bronze is a very popular color now for bathrooms.  You can see options in this color at http://www.us.kohler.com/us/Bathroom-Faucets-Sink-Faucets/category/431602/431537.htm?page=categoryLanding#id=filters&color-filter=101794_2BZ.   bronze faucet

  1.  Floating vanities.   These are vanities without a toe kick, which can give bathroom a more spacious and contemporary feel.  This look is not as effective in small spaces where the bottom of the vanity is not noticeable.stacked vanity


  1. Curved sinks.  Combining a curved sink on a floating vanity is the ultimate in bathroom fashion.  Curved could mean a round sink or even rounded edges on the sink.floating curvy vanity


  1. Non bathroom décor in the bathroom.  This is especially true of mirrors and lighting.  Traditional mirrored medicine cabinets and bathroom bar lighting are out.  What are now current are mirrors and pendent lighting. pedent lights in bathroom


  1. Porcelain tiles that look like wood planks.  We have been seeing this look in bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia for about a year; however, now we are seeing it a lot.  These planks really add to the Zen feeling of a bathroom.bathroom-porcelain-stoneware-floor-tiles-wood-look-2148-2152619


These are not the only new trends we are seeing in bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia, but they are the most in vogue at this time.  If you want to see other trends please see our bathroom portfolio at http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/bathportfolio.py .  If you would like more information on bathroom renovations in Philadelphia or other areas, please see Teknika Design Group’s website at www.teknikadesigngroup.com .

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