Looking for a Small Kitchen Design in Philadelphia?

_SB29257Philadelphia has plenty of small kitchens that could benefit from great design.  Here are a few tips to start you on the right road.

  1. Find the space for a combination trash and recycle cabinet.  This can be as small as an 18” cabinet, but you will not believe the convenience and beauty of having a hidden space for trash and recycling.
  2. Try a D shaped sink.  This means the curve of the sink is in the back of the counter and you can get your faucet and maybe a soap dispenser or an insta-hot on either side of the curve.  It will give you an overall bigger (more square footage) sink for your space.
  3. Add glass cabinets to your design.  This will not give you more space, but it will make your small kitchen design in Philadelphia `look bigger.  Your eye will travel to the back of the cabinet giving the illusion of more space versus a solid door.
  4. Pick an 18” dishwasher instead of the standard 24”.  There are a number of manufactures that make 18” dishwashers.  If you have a smaller family, 18” is all you need.
  5. Hang up your pots and pans.  Find an awesome pot rack so your pots and pans do not take up valuable storage space.  It can also be a charming look.
  6. Expand the counter depth.    This will give you more prep space and possibly more storage space if you increase the depth of your cabinets as well
  7. Give yourself an island.  If your kitchen is wide enough, islands are great ways to increase storage that is easily accessible from anywhere in the kitchen.
  8. Choose a monochromatic color scheme.  Less pattern and fewer colors will make your space look larger.
  9. If you weren’t blessed with a sunny kitchen add lots of lights.  A bright kitchen means a larger kitchen.

Please visit www.teknikadesigngroup.com for more ideas.  Our kitchen portfolio, http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/kitchenportfolio.py  includes many small kitchens.  Another great way to get ideas for your small kitchen design in Philadelphia and find other professionals is to check out www.Houzz.com.  They have great ideas.

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