What Will Your Philadelphia Kitchen Remodel Cost?

money and houseEvery year I like to let Philadelphians know what their kitchen remodel will cost.  This cost is according to the latest report by Remodeling Magazine which surveys 100 markets in the US, including the Philadelphia metro area.  These costs are based on homeowners who work with remodeling specialists such as contractors and kitchen designers (like Teknika Design Group). (more…)

What is New in Kitchen Design in Philadelphia?

Kimbel W4Influences on kitchen design in Philadelphia come from a variety of forces including European countries, colorists, furniture design and technology.  I am going to try to pull it all together for you and talk about three items in detail: color, technology and style.


Color Trends

Color trends appear to be all over the place.  In the United States the colors of 2016 are pastels: pinks and blues.  These pastels are a little more sophisticated than the candy color pastels of old, but they are still shyer, less robust colors than the tangerines and emeralds of years past.  Coming out of Europe we see still more striking colors:  black and white, sometimes together and sometimes alone.  So how do you balance these very different trends?  I would use the pastels for accents only since pink cabinets are tough for most home buyers to get excited about.   Black and white would be easier to use as cabinet colors, the black being a little more risky than the always popular white. (more…)

Remodel Your Philadelphia Bathroom for Resale…or Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

When remodeling their Philadelphia bathroom most people consider resale even if they have no plans to move in the near future.  This is a good thing!  Plans change, life happens and you want your bathroom in tip top shape so buyers will come flocking.  So how can you be sure that will happen?  Here are my top 5 ways to get more for your money with your Philadelphia bathroom remodel.bath 3

  1.   For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it means Keep It Simple St….  While ornate bathrooms work with many Philadelphia home styles, many homebuyers have simpler tastes.  This means keeping the cabinet doors unfussy (shaker or flat panel door), choosing tile that is not too ornate or overpowering, and finally, keeping the gewgaws to a minimum.


Top 5 Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes in Philadelphia

_SB29257Philadelphians want a great kitchen that fits their family, so more and more are remodeling.   To avoid the top five kitchen remodeling mistakes in Philadelphia, make sure you read and avoid the following.

Buying on the Cheap

There is a huge temptation to believe that cheap is a metaphor for a great bargain.  A bargain can be great, but you could also find that a bargain is really just a shoddy product with a short lifespan.  Do your research and purchase your materials for your Philadelphia kitchen remodel keeping in mind that most people only do a remodel once; remodels are time consuming, emotionally tiring and expensive even with the “cheap materials.”  You want to avoid a remodel where appliances start needing repairs and cabinet hinges start falling apart within a year. (more…)

STORAGE is the Most Important Element in any Small Kitchen Design in Philadelphia

pots and pan storage 2I will repeat it again: Storage is the most important element in any small kitchen design in Philadelphia.  Sure, how you lay out the kitchen is important, but often in small Philadelphia kitchens, the design options are limited.  That is why what goes into the cabinets is as important as what cabinets go where.  Let me give you some ideas of what all kitchens should have in terms of storage. (more…)

Considering Remodeling Your Philadelphia Bathroom: Could you Have Bigger Problems than Pink Tile?

You are finally sick of the pink/blue or green tile and you have decided it is time to remodel your Philadelphia bathroom.  But wait, you might need to deal with more than just a bathroom makeover.  How do you know?

2014-12-16 10.43.58

Major Plumbing

Hint:   When you turn on the shower or flush your toilet you can hear knocking pipes in the walls.  Or when you turn on the faucets, they provide inconsistent water pressure.

Could Be:   The knocking pipes could mean that the pipes were improperly installed and secured when the house was built.  Inconsistent water pressure could be a result of other major plumbing issues or leaks.

Solution:  Tell your contractor/plumber about the issue before you start your remodel.  They might need to open a few holes in the wall to get a better idea of what is going on.  Some of the plumbing might need to be replaced, and this is easiest to do during your Philadelphia bathroom remodel.  This corrective action is certainly better than waking up to an indoor flood some morning. (more…)

How to Get the Best Design for your Philadelphia Bathroom

In Philadelphia our bathrooms are usually small, sometimes miniscule, so what do you do to get your best bathroom design in Philadelphia? Do you need to hire a designer? As you can guess, my answer is yes and I can give you 5 reasons why I think it is in your best interest to hire a designer even for the little bathroom projects.Meade MB W3 (more…)

Why Would a Harvard MBA Want to Sell Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia?


You know that funny look you see when people think you are crazy?  I get that look a lot when I tell them I sell kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia and I love it.  Toportrait understand why, I need to share a little history.  It is 2005 and I am managing the consumer products division of a large manufacturing firm.  I was hired to pull this company out of the world of commodity pricing and to add value to the product, which we did.  However, the company still went chapter 11.  I was going to be out of job by the end of the year and I was the only breadwinner in my family.  On top of that my Mother had just died.  It was time for a major change. (more…)

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