So what is New for Kitchen Remodeling in Philadelphia?

2 pendent lightsSo what do the experts see on the horizon for kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia and beyond?  Here are a few key trends that are here now and a few that are coming to a kitchen near you soon.

First let’s talk about what is main stream right now and how it is evolving.

Trend 1:  High contrast.  The juxtaposition of bright whites and deeper colors is softening.  The white is more a creamy white and the deeper colors are mid-range not really dark

Trend 2:  2 is the new 3.  It used to be that we would see everything (think pendent lights) in threes, now it is 2’s or even a large single.

Trend 3:  White on white.  This means you will see white cabinetry with white countertops and backsplash.  This trend has even evolved to include layers of texture; it is not as stark as it was.

To see more examples on any of these trends, go to


Now for the Emerging trends in kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia.

Emerging Trend  1:  Black.  It is coming back to kitchens often with a medium brown complement or a color.

Emerging Trend  2:  Brushed Brass.  We see plumbing fixtures in this finish and even being mixed in the same Philadelphia kitchen remodel with stainless.

Emerging Trend  3:  Oak.  This is not your 80’s oak kitchen.  It has more texture like quarter sawn and rift cut.

Emerging Trend  4:  Mirrors.  They are appearing in cabinetry and backsplashes.  It makes the space look more open.texture kitchen

Emerging Trend  5:   Industrial vintage.  This includes beams, brickwork, exposed pipes etc.  This gives a contemporary space a warmer feel.

Emerging Trend  6:  Texture.  This means adding natural elements into a contemporary look; it has more texture giving modern a richer feel.



So what are the current and new trends in Philadelphia kitchen remodeling you are looking forward to?

For more examples of these trends, please go to Teknika’s website

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