STORAGE is the Most Important Element in any Small Kitchen Design in Philadelphia

pots and pan storage 2I will repeat it again: Storage is the most important element in any small kitchen design in Philadelphia.  Sure, how you lay out the kitchen is important, but often in small Philadelphia kitchens, the design options are limited.  That is why what goes into the cabinets is as important as what cabinets go where.  Let me give you some ideas of what all kitchens should have in terms of storage.

  1. Trash/Recycling Drawer. I know that this takes up a minimum of an 18” base cabinet, but it is so worth it.  You are going to need to put the trash somewhere; putting it under the sink, while a possibility, still leaves the recycling in the open.  I would rather have recycling out of sight than have a big blue container in the Dining Room.
  1. Utensil Drawer: Now you can have a dual level drawer instead of just one layer. You get two layers to put your spoons, knives and forks as well as those pesky little butter knives that your Aunt Edith gave you and the soup spoons that you cannot bear to part with.
  1. Spice Drawer or Rack: Spices come in all shapes and sizes and now their storage does as well.  You can get the shelf system that fits in a drawer, which is nice for those of us who are organized and have all our spices in the same size jar.  A spice rack can be hung on the inside of a cabinet door or on the inside of the cabinet.   There is even a spice cabinet that is its own narrow base cabinet.  With so many options, it is ridiculous not to use one of them.
  1. Big Pot Drawers/Roll Out Drawers in Cabinets: I used to have to crawl into a lower cabinet and spend 10 minutes unstacking all my pots and pans until I could find the one I wanted.  It was always at the bottom.  That is if I was lucky enough to avoid having all the pots, pans and lids fall out on top of me when I opened the doors since I hated restacking every time I put a pan away.  The first time I opened my big pot drawer and took out my 10” fry pan without moving anything out of the way, I knew that the pain of the kitchen remodel was worth every second.
  1. Lazy Susan/Corner Rollouts: These are those storage cabinets for corner cabinets. A Lazy Susan is usually found when you have a cabinet in the corner while a rollout is used for a cabinet that includes a dead space in the corner.  These options are great for appliances you rarely use or even those ever present plastic containers for leftovers.
  1. Tall Pantry Cabinets: If you are lucky enough to have room for tall cabinets, make them pantry cabinets.  There are two different types.  One style has the shelves attached to the door so the whole thing pulls out like a drawer.  The other style has rollouts inside the cabinet.  I like to use the pull out shelves for narrower spaces since the rollouts can get heavy and it may be difficult to roll out an entire pantry with food etc.  With pullouts you lose a little space because the shelves need to attach to the cabinet sides, but it is nice to pull out only the shelf you need.

These are just the top 6 storage picks for small Philadelphia kitchens.  There are so many other options.  Stop by our showroom at 225 Race Street Philadelphia to see these storage options in action.  You can also see pictures on our website at

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