Tell Me About Kitchen Cabinet Options in Philadelphia

If you have started your search for new kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia, I am sure your head is spinning with all the possibilities.  I am here to help you sort out the options and come up with the kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia that best suit you and your family.IMG_1489

First, let me tell you, I do not even know all the brand names of cabinets available for sale in Philadelphia.  I did a quick internet search of Philadelphia kitchen cabinets and found thousands listed.  Even narrowing down the possibilities to kitchen cabinet retailers led me to hundreds.  Where do you start?

The place to start is to determine what category of kitchen cabinet you want, need and can afford.  Kitchen cabinets fall into one of three broad categories: RTA, Semi-custom and custom.  Below are the definitions and details about differences in finishes, sizes and storage options.  The price is the biggest variable.

Three Categories of Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia

RTA (Ready to Assemble)

These are the cabinets found at many retailers such as Ikea.  You bring the pieces home and you put the cabinets together (or your contractor does).  These cabinets have the least ability to be customized.  Meaning that the finish options (what the cabinets look like: for example, are they painted, oak or stained cherry?) are limited.  They will also have very few size options.  Many RTA cabinets only have 30” high upper cabinets, maybe 36”, but not 42”.  Finally, the storage options inside the cabinets are limited.  You might be able to get a trash drawer, but not a spice drawer insert.  Often these RTA cabinets are made overseas.  Their main advantage is the low cost.


This category has the most cabinet brands.  Within this kitchen cabinet category, the price variation is huge.  The range is so big because the semi-custom group can be very bare bones (you get maybe 12 finish options, wall cabinet height goes to 36” and you can get a spice drawer insert, but not a spice drawer) or the options can be almost unlimited (100 finishes, upper cabinets at any height and not only can you get a spice drawer, but you can also have 7 other spice storage options).  This level of cabinets has a variety of great things about them: you get a variety of storage options, the price can be in the moderate range and you can avoid having a cookie cutter kitchen design.


Custom cabinets are expensive, but you get what you pay for.  Essentially if a designer can draw the cabinet, these manufacturers can make it.  If you want unlimited finish, size and storage options, custom is for you.  The real reason to pay the price for custom cabinets in Philadelphia is to get that one of a kind look that best reflects your life and style.

I hope I have provided a good overview on kitchen cabinet options in Philadelphia.  If you want more examples, please see our website or call for a consultation.

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