Remodeling a Philadelphia bathroom requires attention to detail, attention to your budget and attention to the design.  With so much to pay attention to, one can easily make mistakes.  Here are some common boo-boos we have found that our clients come to us to avoid or fix.2014-12-16-10-41-30

  1. Remember bathroom ventilation. Install a fan in your bathroom, and make sure the fan is a good one.  One way to know a good quality fan from a bad one is how loudly it operates.  The days of the fan in your bathroom sounding like a jumbo jet landing are over.  Now fans are quiet and efficient.
  2. Be careful how you lay out the tile in your Philadelphia bathroom remodel. It is so easy to rush through and realize that the pattern you planned on is off-center or the last tile you put in is so tiny that it looks odd.  To get the tile layout correct, get a piece of paper, pencil and ruler.  Remember to take into account grout lines and plan the entire bathroom tile layout.  This is the time to be very anal.  After the long bathroom remodel, you would be disappointed to have to “live with” a mistake for the next 10 years.
  3. Make sure you have at least two types of lighting in the bathroom. A bathroom should have ambient or overall lighting and task lighting for shaving or makeup.  I like a combination of recessed lights and sconces or light bars around the mirror.
  4. Do Not make the Toilet the center of the room. There is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom that looks like the toilet is the central feature.  Today, we have some very cool toilets to choose from, but they are a practical element that can add to the design.  They do not make the design.
  5. .Storage..Storage. Often because bathrooms can be small, storage is forgotten.  One suggestion is, in addition to optimizing the vanity storage, use a medicine cabinet for the mirror.  Large medicine cabinets can really hold a lot of bathroom stuff.

Keep these mistakes in mind when planning for your Philadelphia bathroom remodel and you will enjoy your new bath for years to come.  To see some ideas for bathroom layouts, please visit our website at

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