The Remodeling Industry Reputation: Tied with Used Car Salesman

When a potential new client walks in my showroom, they are seeing him:

used car salesman


Not me:

TeknikaLogo_w-tag SM


and I HATE that.   Now I realize much of the remodeling industry’s reputation has been earned by shoddy craftsmanship and poor customer service, but many in my industry are really good at what they do and try to be of value.  For the last 5 years, since I bought Teknika, I have been trying to figure out how to reassure clients that Teknika is not here to take as much of their money as possible.

So what have I come up with in this time?  Quite a few things, the list is long and detailed and boring to most people.  However one thing you might be interested in is our budgeting process.  Many clients that have never done a renovation before have no idea how much a renovation will cost.   Since they will often get a new design and budget from each showroom, they often cannot compare places.  Hence they don’t know if someone is a good deal or just cheap with low quality products and services.   The first step of which I covered in previous emails and blog posts, I let our potential clients know what Remodeling Magazine has said is the average cost of a kitchen or bath in Philadelphia.

This only takes you so far since most people want something more specific than the average.  So Marcy and I came up with a form in which after we measure a potential clients kitchen or bath we can then estimate within 15% (for the unexpected) what the budget will be for their space with bronze, silver, gold or platinum products.  This includes almost everything possible in your renovation including cabinetry, hardware, flooring, lighting (under cabinet and overhead), appliances, backsplash (including grout), construction, tax and freight.  We have all the options (on a 4 page spreadsheet) laid out in the bronze, silver, gold, platinum options with a column devoted to what our client chooses.   And I guarantee these numbers do not change if we think a client can afford more.   Most people choose a mix of options from the bronze/silver/gold/ platinum levels.  We have gourmet cooks who need the latest platinum level, 6 burner range, but the cabinetry is there just to hold cooking utensils and can be bronze level.  There is also the client who envisions a penthouse in the sky so the cabinetry should be stainless steel (platinum) with an incredible backsplash (gold level) but usually has takeout so the appliances should just highlight the rest of the kitchen.

What would your choice be?  We can find your budget.




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