Top 5 Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes in Philadelphia

_SB29257Philadelphians want a great kitchen that fits their family, so more and more are remodeling.   To avoid the top five kitchen remodeling mistakes in Philadelphia, make sure you read and avoid the following.

Buying on the Cheap

There is a huge temptation to believe that cheap is a metaphor for a great bargain.  A bargain can be great, but you could also find that a bargain is really just a shoddy product with a short lifespan.  Do your research and purchase your materials for your Philadelphia kitchen remodel keeping in mind that most people only do a remodel once; remodels are time consuming, emotionally tiring and expensive even with the “cheap materials.”  You want to avoid a remodel where appliances start needing repairs and cabinet hinges start falling apart within a year.

Inaccurate measurements

Nothing is worse (or more budget-obliterating) than doing all the planning and purchasing for your remodel, only to find when you start the installation, nothing fits…yikes.   Do this important step first and second and even third.  For good measure I would even do it a fourth and fifth time.

Forgetting the Lights

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your Philadelphia kitchen remodel.   Just 10 years ago, it was a secondary consideration, but now kitchen designers feel that lighting is as important as the appliances.  You should have three different types of lighting in your kitchen: ambient, task and accent.  Ambient lighting, otherwise known as overall lighting, is what you switch on when you enter your kitchen so you can see.  Task lighting is designed to ensure that anything you do in your kitchen is well lit.  The place you prep your food, cook, or even pay your food bills (if you do so in your kitchen) should have the right type of lighting for that “task.”  Accent lighting is the design element.  This lighting highlights the focal areas of your kitchen, such as the gorgeous tile design over your range or the artwork on the wall.  Accent lighting makes sure that everyone who enters your kitchen will notice what you want them to see.

Using a Cut-rate Contractor

Just as with the materials for your Philadelphia kitchen remodel, a contractor who seems to be a great bargain could be too good to be true.  Yes, some contractors choose to be less expensive than their competititors as a strategy to beat their competition, but usually they are inferior in some aspect of their work.  You want contractors who:

  1. Handle issues, large or small, that are outside the scope of the remodel. For example, if they discover non-code electrical problems, they will either take care of the problems themselves, or let you know the issue, what the implications are and their recommendations.
  2. Use good quality materials and do more than the bare minimum. For example, they prep the walls for painting instead of just taping the sheetrock.
  3. Back up their work (warranty) and who have been in business for more than 3 years.
  4. Take care of your property, by laying down drop cloths, cleaning their work area every night and placing plastic “walls”around the work area to keep some of the dust out of the rest of your house.

Overspending or Underspending for your Neighborhood

Real estate experts say you should never have the most expensive house on the block, but you should also spend the right amount on your kitchen remodel or it will be wasted.  Homebuyers know that, even though they might like the style of an “Ikea” kitchen, it is unlikely to last.  Experts agree that you should spend between 10%-20% of the value of your home on a kitchen remodel in Philadelphia.

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