What are 3 common blunders in Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling?

There are 3 major mistakes that I commonly see in Philadelphia bathroom remodeling projects.  These are mistakes that can and should be avoided if at all possible.

1.       In a 3 piece bath there needs to be a source of outside light. 

bathroom with light

Now this might not be possible with 2 piece bathrooms, or more conventionally called powder rooms, but larger bathrooms should have a window.  If you cannot install a window, use glass block, skylights or at the very least a ton of ambient and task lighting.  Bathrooms look drab without light, even very cool bathrooms and design flaws can be less obvious if the bathroom is light filled.

bathroom no window


2.      Make sure the toilet does not become the focus of attention.   

No one wants their toilet to be the first thing a visitor notices when they enter the bathroom.  This sometimes happens because the toilet has an interesting design or because it is located in a prominent spot.  It would be worth the cost of relocating the toilet or changing the toilet design to rectify this mistake.





3.      Do not put your bathroom near your home’s eating spaces.

There is nothing worse than having a glass of wine or enjoying a great meal and looking up to see the bathroom toilet.  If at all possible keep the bathroom separate from the dining room, living room and kitchen.  This might not be doable if you are doing a bathroom remodel, but should be if you are considering adding a bathroom.

This is far from a comprehensive list and is focused more on design mistakes versus technical mistakes.  For a good list of more technical mistakes you can make in your Philadelphia bathroom remodel see http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/10-mistakes-in-bathroom-design.htm.

To see some bathrooms that Teknika has done, please see our bathroom portfolio at http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/bathportfolio.py.  For more information on bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia, visit our website at www.teknikadesigngroup.com.

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