What is New in Kitchen Design in Philadelphia?

Kimbel W4Influences on kitchen design in Philadelphia come from a variety of forces including European countries, colorists, furniture design and technology.  I am going to try to pull it all together for you and talk about three items in detail: color, technology and style.


Color Trends

Color trends appear to be all over the place.  In the United States the colors of 2016 are pastels: pinks and blues.  These pastels are a little more sophisticated than the candy color pastels of old, but they are still shyer, less robust colors than the tangerines and emeralds of years past.  Coming out of Europe we see still more striking colors:  black and white, sometimes together and sometimes alone.  So how do you balance these very different trends?  I would use the pastels for accents only since pink cabinets are tough for most home buyers to get excited about.   Black and white would be easier to use as cabinet colors, the black being a little more risky than the always popular white.


Technology Trends

This year (and I have a feeling many years to come), it is all about the app.   Currently on the market is an oven by Dacor: the Discovery IQ oven that uses an Android app to make you a better cook.  Samsung is introducing a refrigerator in the spring that will have a touch screen integrated into the door, cameras that let you see what is inside and a feature that allows you to order from the fridge via Fresh Direct and other grocery services.  Corian countertops have the ability to charge your devices by just laying them on top of the counter.  All of these might sound a little George Jetson, but they are here now.  Which one do you want to incorporate into your Philadelphia kitchen design?  I am all for a refrige that will do the grocery shopping for me!


Style Trends

Style is where we see the most options for your Philadelphia kitchen design.  Here are some new trends that I have not seen before.

  • Kitchen ceilings are now getting more attention. It used to be the ceiling got no love, just a coat of ceiling white and it was over.  Now kitchen ceilings are getting their fair share of the attention.  This includes the usual beams, as well as elements like their own wood sheathing, a standout color or even their own patterns.
  • Real plants are making themselves more visible in the kitchen. This is more than one potted plant on the window sill; imagine entire walls covered in plants or space devoted to an herb garden.  This trend creates a bit of nature indoors.
  • Tables are more frequently being incorporated into the ever present kitchen island. This arrangement is nice looking and practical as well.  In small kitchens without enough space for a separate dining area, a table attached to the island provides the same benefits but with a lot less space required.
  • Cabinetry is now in ceramics and concrete as well as wood or paint. These cabinets work best in extremely modern, more industrial kitchens. They make a statement that is harder to convey in a softer material.


Kitchen design in Philadelphia for 2016 has a little something for everyone.  It is so much easier to get in on trends without being dated after a few years.  Just pick and choose from the items listed above without overdoing it.  Have fun and if you want other ideas, please reach out to us at www.teknikadesigngroup.com or give us a call at 215-370-3213.  You can see finished kitchen designs from Philadelphia on our kitchen portfolio page at http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/kitchenportfolio.py.

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