What is the Future of Kitchen Remodeling in Philadelphia?

Lately I have been thinking about what the future will look like for kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia.  Coming up with great ideas is easy, but getting them to the market place is rough.  However, I have come across some ideas that either look like they are ready to be introduced or are already here.  An article in this month’s issue of Elle Décor focused on some of these great ideas.   Here are a few that really resonated with me and that I want to share with all those Philadelphians who are looking to remodel their kitchen in the next decade…


My favorite one, which I have already posted about on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/teknikadesigngroup, is the idea of a robot that can take a recipe, make it and then clean up after itself.  The robot has to do a better than the job my 15-year-old son does, right?  Moley Robotics of London is working on this idea and they even have a few YouTube videos that you can watch.  In my opinion the robot is a little creepy, but if it cooks and cleans, who am I to care what it looks like?


Another idea for kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia that is already here is a refrigerator that can tell you what you have stocked in it, while you are at the grocery store.  I don’t know about you, but I can never remember, as I am standing in the grocery store if I need eggs.  The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator takes a picture of the inside of your fridge every time the door closes and you can view the pictures on an app.  Wonderful!  The only problem is the price, about $4,000, but the refrigerator also comes Wi-Fi enabled and with apps.  However, if you want just the camera, you can get a fridge cam and app made by Smarter that is available from England for about $140.


The design- and cook-oriented amongst us might want to investigate Cosentino’s Dekton countertops and Boffi induction cooktops for their Philadelphia kitchen remodel.  Soon they will introduce a cooktop mounted under the countertop that almost disappears when turned off.  This innovation is great for those who really want to have their kitchen as streamlined as possible.


Dekton countertops just might be a countertop worth looking at for another reason.  They have an XGloss line that has a finish like lacquer, but wears more like quartz.  The finish resists scorching and knife marks, besides being oh so cool to look at.


Finally, someting that I think that will really appeal to Philadelphia’s many space-challenged kitchen remodelers are islands and peninsulas that pull out to reveal sinks, cooktops or extra storage.  When compact, these islands and peninsulas provide just a small amount of counter space.  They can be can be designed now, with the right hardware and component parts.


If you want other ideas for your future kitchen remodeling project in Philadelphia, please see our website www.teknikadesigngroup.com or give us a call at 215-922-4414.  Also, like our Facebook page since I will be returning to this topic frequently.

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