When It Is About Resale: What Are the Top Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia?

Usually when a client asks what are the” best “kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia my answer is that there is no “best”, only what is right for them.  The exception to this rule is when the client is interested in selling their home within the next year.  Then I run down the list of the most favorite kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia.  These styles and colors are popular throughout the United States, but these will appeal to the greatest numbers in Philly.  Here are Philadelphia’s top 3:

#3:  Maple door, medium stain, shaker style.


Garland W1

As you can see from this photo, this style gives your kitchen a warm, inviting feeling.  With this neutral background of cabinets, you can then make the kitchen seem more contemporary or traditional depending on your choice of door hardware, countertop and backsplash.  These styles never turn any buyer away.

 #2: Maple, medium stain, slab door.

Frankel W2

Again this kitchen cabinet style will give any potential buyer an invitation to buy.  The difference is that the slab door gives the kitchen a slightly more modern feel.  You can keep the countertops and backsplash more traditional, but the slab door lends itself to contemporary door hardware.

And the winner is:

#1: Maple, white paint, shaker door.

 Mikson W2

As in this picture the white paint is not a stark white but a creamier white, softer and hence more appealing to a wider range of people.  Again what is chosen for the door hardware, countertops and backsplash decide if this kitchen is more contemporary or traditional.  This kitchen appeals with a transitional feel that allows for not one part to stand out, but for the overall impression to be…WOW.  Just what you want a perspective buyer to feel.

For more pictures of these Philadelphia kitchen cabinets, please go to http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/kitchenportfolio.py  .  If you want some other ideas, a good source is http://freshome.com/kitchen/ .  For more information on renovating your kitchen or bath start at our website www.teknikadesigngroup.com .

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