Where do You Find Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia?

So where do you find kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia?  A better question might be where do you not find kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia.  Cabinets are now being sold in home improvement stores, lumber yards, small custom shops and kitchen design firms.  It seems every contractor has a source.  So where do you go and who do you trust?

The first step in solving this dilemma is to decide why do you want to remodel?  Let me give you the example of two different potential clients who arrived in my showroom.  This first is Alice.  Her kitchen is old, but she loves the house and wants to live there for at least 10 more years.  The second is James and Deliah who are awaiting their first child.  They have lived in their house for a year, but the kitchen is now an emergency, it is falling apart.  They both have the same budget.    Alice quickly realized that her budget would not get her the kitchen cabinets she wanted, those that not only looked good, but would last and would be installed properly.  Alice decided to wait a year to get the kitchen cabinets she wanted.  James and Deliah could not wait.  The baby was coming and they needed a functioning kitchen.  Since this was their starter home, they knew they would not be there more than 2 more years, so they decided to buy their kitchen cabinets at Ikea Philadelphia.  They understood the cabinets might not hold up as long but it fit their tiny budget.

The moral of this story is no surprise, no one option fits all people when looking for kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia.  Below is my chart of where to start looking for kitchen cabinets based on price and quality.  The size of the oval represents the number of different options available at each location.  A caveat, this chart is one person’s opinion done for ease of explanation.

Kitchen cabinets sept 2014 blog

If you would like more information on options for kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia, please see our website www.teknikadesigngroup.com or visit the kitchen and bath trade association website, www.NKBA.org.  To see Alice’s ideal kitchen visit http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/kitchenportfolio.py, it is the second kitchen.

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