Where to Find Custom Cabinets in Philadelphia

Miles Study PictureIt is not hard to find custom cabinets in Philadelphia.   Teknika Design Group www.teknikadesigngroup.com  offers the two types of custom cabinets available in Philadelphia.  They are individual cabinet makers such as John Meade Designs or large national custom manufacturers such as Wood-Mode www.wodemode.com.  Many of the local shops are located in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia.  On a side note Fishtown used to be the center of cabinetry in Philadelphia, but as rents have gone up along with Fishtown’s popularity, cabinet makers have continued to move North in search of cheaper space.  This is because even a one person cabinet maker needs at least 2,000 square feet of space to hold the specialized equipment needed to make cabinets.

So what are the differences in custom cabinets from the different Philadelphia sources?  After years of experience this is what I have come to expect.    Large national custom manufactures and the smaller local cabinet makers have very different strengths and weaknesses.  It depends on the project as to which source I would recommend.

Large National Custom Manufacturers (such as Wood-Mode)


  • Cabinet finish is superior since they can afford and house the newest technology.  Finish is usually their specialty
  • On time delivery since large factories have many employees trained in all aspects of the cabinet making process.
  • Consistent quality
  • More stable business and likely to still be around in a few years to back your warranty


  • Limited number of colors and veneers available due to stocking limitations
  • Never see the space so there is no input from the manufacturer on custom pieces


Smaller Local Cabinet Makers


  • Artisans who can usually make just about anything and can visit the space to provide their ideas
  • Excellent with veneer products (more veneers available)
  • Can be less expensive depending on cost structure
  • Sometimes not the best business people and whether they will be in business if you need a new door in a few years is questionable


  • Painted and stain finishes usually not as high quality since don’t have the latest technology
  • Often not as good on delivery time since fewer people if personnel issues arise.

Please see Teknika’s cabinetry portfolio  www.teknikadesigngroup.com/cabinetryportfolio.py  for custom cabinetry pieces.  The first is a Wood-Mode office and the next two are from John Meade Designs.

If you are looking for custom cabinets in Philadelphia decide on what you want and then decide who can do the best job for you.  There are plenty of options.

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