Why Should Philadelphians Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

So, you are looking at redesigning your Philadelphia kitchen and the price of kitchen cabinets is high, why go even more expensive with custom kitchen cabinets?  Below are 5 important reasons why you should.

  1. Quality

Custom kitchen cabinets are more expensive because they are designed to last and look great longer.  The parts that go into custom kitchen cabinets make all the difference.

The BOX in custom cabinets is furniture grade plywood or engineered wood.  In stock cabinetry, manufacturers use low grade particle board.Mikson W2

The JOINTS will be dovetailed or doweled with custom cabinets, and glued or screwed with stock cabinets.

The CORNER BRACES will be wood glued blocks in custom kitchen cabinets and stapled plastic corners in stock.

Finally, the DRAWER SLIDES of custom cabinets will be under mount and the stock cabinets will have side slide brackets.

  1. Personalization


You can choose exactly what you want in your custom kitchen cabinets.  For example, traditional kitchen cabinets are 36” high with the countertop.  This is perfect for everyone between 5’5” and 6’.  However, if you are 4’9” you might want your cabinets lower and you can do this with custom.


  1. Storage

The way that stock cabinets are made to fit in any space is with the use of fillers that just take up space.  With custom kitchen cabinetry, you can get cabinet sizes that fit exactly into your space so you have more storage, less wasted space.


  1. Unique Look

Your Philadelphia kitchen cabinets can look however you want.  Stock cabinet looks are limited by the retailer’s stock space.  Since custom kitchen cabinets are made after you order them, more varieties of colors, wood species and stains are offered.  In truly custom, you have no limit, except for your budget of course.


  1. Green

If you are concerned about the environment, custom kitchen cabinets made in or near Philadelphia are the way to go.  Within 100 miles of Philadelphia there are hundreds of cabinet makers to choose from.  Many of them will also make sure that their cabinets are made from wood grown in Pennsylvania and use low VOC glues and stains.


Call Teknika for Help Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets for your Philadelphia Kitchen Remodel


When you are ready to remodel, you will find many choices available for your Philadelphia kitchen cabinets that will suit your style.  Be sure to choose the best cabinets you can afford.  For some ideas on what custom kitchen cabinets can look like, please visit http://www.teknikadesigngroup.com/kitchenportfolio.py.

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